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96-100 Skierniewice
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About Us

The Institute is situated in the small town having 45.000 inhabitants in the central part of Poland called Mazovia, 60 km south to Warsaw, at the main railway and express highway from Warsaw to Katowice. The main fruit growing region is located 40 km south-east from Skierniewice. The Institute facilities in Skierniewice consist of several buildings, greenhouses, experimental fields, experimental orchard and experimental cold storage.

There are several laboratories, most of which are equipped with modern equipment. The most important laboratories are:

  • laboratory for plant and soil analysis
  • virus research laboratory
  • laboratory for basic work in breeding
  • biotechnology laboratory
  • laboratory of radioisotope techniques
  • laboratory for assessing fruit quality and processing value
  • in vitro culture laboratory
  • fruit and ornamental plant pathology laboratory
  • seed science laboratory

There are about 10 large workshops for planting, grafting, budding, measuring plants, testing new horticultural machinery, sorting and grading fruits etc. Almost all of these facilities are computerised and networked. Each room is well equipped with electricity, water, central heating system.

In addition to the facilities at Skierniewice, the Institute has 6 experimental stations in the country. The most important are:

  1. Central Experimental Orchard in Dħbrowice, 4 km from Skierniewice, with experimental fields in an area about 100 ha.

  2. Experimental Station in Brzezna in southern Poland, at Karpaty foothills, with experimental fields in an area 25 ha.

  3. Centre for Production and Testing of Virus-free Nuclear Stock Material in Prusy, 15 km south to Skierniewice




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