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Division of Apiculture

Head - Dr. Krystyna Pohorecka

Division of Apiculture is located in Pulawy in a small and charming chateau once owned by the noble family of Czartoryski. It focuses its research on beekeeping, employs forty persons, among them 15 research workers. Research is conducted in four departments.

  • Department of Bee Breeding
  • Department of Bee Keeping Technology
  • Department of Plant Polination
  • Department of Bee Products.

 The Department of Bee Breeding with the staff members: Prof. Dr. W. Skowronek and Prof. Dr. M. Gromisz works on improvement of usable qualities of bees through selection. To achieve this aim insemination of queens is used that involves techniques for blending and storing of drone semen. Selection for Varroa resistance in bees is a promising area of research and it is accompanied by a study of related physiological issues.

    Investigations on apiary management and economics are carried out in the Section of Technology.

    There are experiments aimed at maximizing the yields of honey, beewax, pollen, royal jelly and propolis while keeping the costs low. This research on bee venom quality is done at the Department of Bee Products. Another research that falls into this category are acarological studies of bee products.

    The investigations on pollination and nectar production in entomophilious plants carried out at the Pollination Department are an essential element of the Section's research effort. The study on crop pollination has been extended to entomological research on the domestication of wild insect pollinators. Good results have been obtained with artificial raising of bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) and Megachile rotundata. Cultured insects can be utilized in pollination of crops.




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