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Research Areas

Leading research activities

  • Creative breeding of fruit trees and bushes, especially apple rootstocks, apple cultivars, blackcurrants and strawberries.
  • Obtaining and maintaining virus-free cultivars and rootstocks, propagation and distribution of virus-free nuclear stocks.
  • Protection of genetic resources of fruit trees, bushes and ornamental plants.
  • Evaluation of biological and productive values of new cultivars.
  • Improvement of fruit quality by regulation of tree growth and fruiting.
  • Development of integrated production of apples, strawberries and currants.
  • Evaluation of fruit processing quality, improvement of processing and storage technologies.
  • Control of pests and diseases in orchards with minimum usage of pesticides.
  • Improvement of technical implements for fruit production.
  • Fruit crop management and nutrition as enhanced on proecological fertilization as well as rhizosphere properties
  • Studies on economical conditions of adaptation of Polish fruit and ornamental plant production to European Community.
  • Application of biotechnology techniques to fruit tree research.
  • Integrated production of ornamental plants under covers.
  • Improving proecological ornamental plant production in the open field.
  • Seed production and storage. Theoretical and practical aspects.
  • Bee breeding.
  • Improvement of bee products collection, conservation and storage.
  • Introduction of bumblebee and wild bees for plant pollination.
  • Extension of research results among growers and horticultural societies.



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